Don Vanquisher

A history to wear

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Andrea Nicolotti, born in Como (Italy) in 1975, has attended in Florence the Fashion University – Polimoda. He is the creator of the brand DON VANQUISHER.
The designer, Andrea Nicolotti, creates for the brand DON VANQUISHER, women clothing collections with large aesthetic impact impressing to his creations an unique and recognizable style.
The main hero of the collections is leather.
Every collection is made in limited edition and attention to detail.
The items are made after long research an tests of details, materials, most of them are hand made. They excites the touch, enriched by exclusive finishing and special treatments.
Excitement is the word to get out of the crisis.
DON VANQUISHER collections present themselves with fit and slim forms to enhance the lines of the body.
The jackets are eclectic and edgy. The designer plays mixing styles , shapes, shades and materials, proposing a strong woman hat stands out for style and creativity.
The style of DON VANQUISHER woman is a mix of French haute couture and the severely geometry of Japanese culture.
The goal is to conquer, to seduce.
DON VANQUISHER is waiting for you.